Friday, 8 November 2013

Art Teacher Looking for Community Art Worker

Art Teacher Looking for Community Art Worker

I am an artist and community art worker from London UK, currently in Turkey.
I am looking to run art activities in any part of the world either long or short term.
I specialize in running drawing / painting / illustration / creative writing workshops and course. I have worked in art festivals, schools, hospitals etc.
Where? Anywhere!
I would also like to team up with others. If interested / have suggestions plz get in contact

David Meehan      Mobile inside Turkey: 0539 736 9624 / from outside: (00 90) 539 736 9624 /    /  skype: meehan99  /  Twitter: artworkshopdave (Art Workshop Dave)

CHOCA (Chill Out Community Arts Group): encouraging people to ‘do’ art >

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