Friday, 8 November 2013

Art Teacher Looking for Community Art Worker

Art Teacher Looking for Community Art Worker

I am an artist and community art worker from London UK, currently in Turkey.
I am looking to run art activities in any part of the world either long or short term.
I specialize in running drawing / painting / illustration / creative writing workshops and course. I have worked in art festivals, schools, hospitals etc.
Where? Anywhere!
I would also like to team up with others. If interested / have suggestions plz get in contact

David Meehan      Mobile inside Turkey: 0539 736 9624 / from outside: (00 90) 539 736 9624 /    /  skype: meehan99  /  Twitter: artworkshopdave (Art Workshop Dave)

CHOCA (Chill Out Community Arts Group): encouraging people to ‘do’ art >

Sunday, 27 October 2013

in Istanbul


Am currently in Istanbul … 

I am looking for work running community art workshops all levels + prices = donations only. > )

+ teaching (esp. private students)>

Dave  / / skype: meehan99 /

Turkish mobile: inside Turkey: 0539 736 9624 / from outside: (00 90) 539 736 9624

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

in berlin looking for community arts coordinator work


Am currently in Berlin, looking for work running community art workshops (By ‘community art’ I mean art for everyone from complete beginner to professional + prices = donations only. > )

Dave (german mob. 0176 78 67 82 ) 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Looking for work as art coordinator

Hi! Am looking for work as an Arts Facilitator ...
Art Facilitator = running art workshops especially drawing / painting, either full time regular courses or one-offs sessions.

TYPE OF WORKSHOP: drawing / painting either full time or one-offs ( for better idea = ) .

WHERE: will consider any country especially if payment includes travelling / accommodation expenses : ) !!

AGE: all ages ( adults / kids / adolescents ) ... prefer adults because adults don't seem to have so much opportunity to simply 'do' art!

If business: £10 - £30 an hour ( basically make me an offer!!)
If charity would consider voluntary in exchange for food and accommodation

WHEN: any length (from 1 day min. to 2 months max. ) between August 5th - September 30th.



I have worked as an arts facilitator for 10 years and created an arts community group in Portugal > CHOCA (Chill Out Community Arts) >   

CHOCA is a group of arts facilitators whose main objective is to encourage everyone to simply 'do' art ... all levels from complete novice to top pro. equally welcome... all prices donations only.